Shadow of Dreams eBook Cover 2023-02

An Urban Fantasy Romance Novella

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She’s ready to accept her fate. He wants to save her no matter the cost.

When Liz Holder receives a terrible diagnosis, she’s ready to accept her fate. But one weekend at her parents’ new home has her falling for the neighbor.

Louis Black is a healer. And he’s seen multiple versions of the future. Ones that would cause his tight-knit family to ensure he never sees her again. Despite the risks, he’s ready to save her no matter the cost.

There’s just one catch: his laws dictate that healing magic can only be used on those who ask.

Is her fate sealed? Or will they have a chance at love?

A Shadow of Dreams is a stand-alone urban fantasy romance novella.

If you like emotional love stories with high stakes, then you’re bound to love Isolde Jancyk’s romantic dramas.

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